More Than a Million Strong

Steve Tellefsen is President & CEO of the Babe Ruth League which is a huge sports organization with over one million players and two million volunteers. That’s a lot of people. Take that group and it would constitute one of the biggest cities in North America.

How it came to be is quite a story. The league started out in the early 1950s with a different name and then approached Claire Hodgson Ruth, the Babe’s widow. They wanted to name it after him and she said fine, that he would be proud.

Indeed, he would.

Steve explains in the latest interview in the Babe Ruth Legacy series how it all got off the ground and the international nature of BRL today. Hall of Famer Cal Ripken, Jr. is involved with the organization and the list of alumni is a veritable who’s who from the sports world and beyond.

Michael Jordan. Peyton Manning. Carl Yastrzemski. George Brett. Nolan Ryan. Mike Trout. Not to mention TV host Jimmy Fallon, singer Bruce Springsteen, and actor Tom Selleck. Legendary comedian Bob Hope was once president of the BRL in Toluca, California.

Says Steve: “Babe Ruth was larger than life. He embodied all the qualities that a sport-loving nation demanded of an outstanding hero. Stories and some myths about the Babe have been shared from generation to generation. And his legend lives on. The Babe is still around us in literature, art, movies and music. It’s as if he retired only yesterday. In our organization we are proud to perpetuate that name.”

One chapter in BABE RUTH – A Superstar’s Legacy is devoted to the Babe Ruth League. Just go to

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