More than a glimpse from Daddy’s Girl

For almost everyone today the Roaring Twenties are an era known only from history books and movies. I say ‘almost’ because Julia Ruth Stevens is going on 102 and her memories are still razor sharp. A few years ago I spent an afternoon with her at her home in New Hampshire, and we were talking about the man she called ‘Daddy.’

Babe Ruth.

Julia’s mother Claire Hodgson was Ruth’s second wife. The two began seeing each other in the early 1920s, married in 1929, and remained together until his death in 1948. In the interim Babe formally adopted Julia, who was six when Babe came into her life. He gave her away when she got married and they were very close.

Julia, who is the only living survivor from the Ruth household during those glory days in New York City, told me my interview with her was the longest one she has ever given. We certainly covered a lot of ground.

She is no. 3 in the Babe Ruth Legacy Interviews and it gets posted today at This is an opportunity for listeners to take a trip into the past, but with a tie-in to the present that I think makes it not only nostalgic, but enlightening.

She is also the focus of Chapter 2 in my book BABE RUTH – A Superstar’s Legacy, now available at Amazon. The chapter is called Daddy’s Girl.

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