An Enigma Without Equal

The 2018 baseball season is under way and my new book about its biggest star ever is out. But BABE RUTH – A Superstar’s Legacy involves a lot more than baseball.

This is a real-life, rags-to-riches story about the most unlikely hero to ever grace the covers of Time Magazine, Vanity Fair and Popular Science. A man with a grade-school education who was raised without a family, he had this uncanny ability for throwing and hitting.

He rewrote the record book and became the most famous person in America, if not the world. A marketing machine who blended sports and business like no one has before or since, he changed history, culture and the language.

Babe Ruth is fact and fiction all rolled into one, and is entrenched in our psyche. The Smithsonian had an exhibit about him. Hofstra University did a conference on him. There are statues and plaques all over the world.

But why?

To answer that question, you should read the book, now available at Amazon. And listen to the Babe Ruth Legacy Interviews which begin today with Babe’s grandson Tom Stevens. Just go to A new interview will be rolled out every week.

This one may go into extra innings.

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