Historical revisionism and governments

The worst kind of historical revisionism is that which is practiced by governments. Take the Government of Canada which just revealed a plaque for its new National Holocaust Monument in Ottawa. The plaque reads:

‘The National Holocaust Monument commemorates the millions of men, women and children murdered during the Holocaust and honours the survivors who persevered and were able to make their way to Canada after one of the darkest chapters in history. The monument recognizes the contribution these survivors have made to Canada and serves as a reminder that we must be vigilant in standing guard against hate, intolerance and discrimination.’

No mention of Jews, anti-Semitism, Nazi Germany or six million. There was such an outcry that the feds had to scrap the plaque and then went out to make a new one. But wait, there is more. This is what the National Capital Commission website says about the monument:

‘The monument commemorates the lives of the millions who died during the Holocaust and the resilience of survivors who made Canada their home. It also ensures that the lessons of the Holocaust, as well as the incredible contribution Holocaust survivors made to Canada, remain within the national consciousness for generations to come.’

This would be like building a monument to honour the thousands of children sent to residential schools where they were indoctrinated with Christianity and, in countless cases, sexually abused, and not mention that they were Native children.

It would be like building a monument to recognize 22,000 people forcibly relocated to internment camps in British Columbia during World War II and not mention that they were Japanese Canadians. But in 1994 the Nikkei Internment Memorial Centre in New Denver, B.C. opened its doors and there was no mistaking who these people were. That Centre has been designated as a National Historic Site.

Why should the Holocaust be any different? But obviously, it is. The National Holocaust Monument is built in the shape of a Star of David, and yet, the government website doesn’t even say that. It says only that the monument ‘features large soaring concrete walls that rise up to form a star.’

Are you with me on this?

The Government of Canada must be engaged in one of two things – blatant ignorance and disregard for historical fact, or fear of upsetting those who might be offended by this monument. It has to be one of them, and no matter which it is, they should be ashamed of themselves.

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