A Note From the Author

My father used to take me to the local Jewish bakery where this kindly woman behind the counter would serve us. I remember seeing numbers on her arm, but I was just a boy and didn’t know what those numbers meant. Later I found out. One day in the not too distant future there is going to be one person left. One survivor. This is what The Last Witness is about. I want to thank some people who were helpful to me in my research. The ‘readers’ who offered valuable advice and comments on my early drafts include Ray Argyle, John Robert Colombo, Jennifer Dale, Barry Lane and my good friend Cam Campbell who took time to read when he was suffering from ill health but wouldn’t live to see the final product. Special thanks must go to real-life child survivors of the Holocaust – Anna Cheszes, Anita Ekstein, Etti Miller, Jack Veffer, Gershon Willinger, Miriam and Roman Ziegler, the other members of their group at the Baycrest Centre in Toronto, and social workers Paula David and Peggy Solomon who allowed me to intrude on these most intimate gatherings. Elly Gotz is another survivor who provided me with key details and facts that helped me make my flashbacks accurate. I also want to thank technology wizard Chris Kata for showing me what the near future is going to look like, Jack Jebwab for revealing the sad state of Holocaust knowledge, my agent Ken Atchity for having faith in me and my work, all those who read the manuscript prior to publication and did reviews, and eminent historian Sir Martin Gilbert for being so kind and helpful when I told him about my idea. Lastly, I want to thank my wife Dorothy for her understanding when I disappeared for long stretches of writing and research to explore this most deadly time of human history. It is something we must never forget.

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