Photo.Jerry AmernicJerry Amernic is an author of fiction and non-fiction books. In doing his research for The Last Witness, he interviewed such people as noted Holocaust historian Sir Martin Gilbert, and met with real-life survivors who were children when they were liberated in 1945. Read More


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Ignorance isn’t bliss

Four years ago I visited a major Canadian university and asked students questions about World War II. FDR? Never heard of him. Churchill? There’s a statue of him but I don’t know what he did. The Allies? Can’t tell you who they were. D-Day and the Beaches of Normandy? Nope. It wound up in a… Read More

Busting Out in the White House

Stormy Daniels has a new book out – I guess it’s her first book – called Full Disclosure. On Amazon it’s already listed no. 1 in the category ‘Biographies of Political Leaders.’ For the record, no. 2 on that list is What Happened by Hillary Rodham Clinton, while others near the top are The Restless… Read More

Was racial segregation why Babe Ruth never got hired as a manager?

August 16th will be the 70th anniversary of Babe Ruth’s death. For the last 13 years of his life – ever since he retired from baseball in 1935 – he waited for a phone call. He wanted to manage a big-league baseball team. The biggest name in the game – the biggest name in sport… Read More

No statue of Babe Ruth in New York?

Someone connected with the New York Yankees should explain. Why no statue of Babe Ruth at Yankee Stadium? For that matter, there is no statue of Babe Ruth anywhere in New York City. Period.  I find it odd because if there is an athlete whose impact on a city was on a par with what… Read More

New Babe Ruth Book Goes on the Road

On June 12 at 8 p.m. I will appear as a guest on TV Ontario’s flagship show The Agenda With Steve Paikin to discuss my book BABE RUTH – A Superstar’s Legacy, and in particular, why the issue of racial segregation may have been the reason Ruth never became a big-league manager. It should be… Read More