QUMRAN by JerryAmernicDavid Marr, archeologist and world authority on the Romans, has spent his life studying the Holy Land with all its violence and unrest that go back to the time of the scriptures. While teaching in Jerusalem, he makes the most dramatic discovery of his life just off the shore of the Dead Sea near the site of the ancient monastic settlement at Qumran. It is something that could have huge repercussions with the potential to turn the world on its side.

David first whet his appetite as a student when he played a crucial role in the 1947 discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls. His later adventures with the Holy Grail and Holy Shroud brought him to the forefront of the maelstrom that develops whenever science confronts religion. The backdrop to these experiences was always war–Israel’s War of Independence in 1948, the Six Day War in 1967, the Yom Kippur War in 1973. Throughout it all, he has carved a career of widespread renown, but has seen so much evidence of man’s brutality to man that he is spiritually disillusioned.

As he begins to unearth clues about what he has found, he and those closest to him–his Jewish-American wife Gita, the brilliant Egyptian pathologist Jamil Hassad, and his Israeli research assistant Robbie Schueftan–all find themselves in danger. Now David the scientist, whose life has always be ruled by logic and reason, isn’t certain about anything and he won’t rest until he finds the truth.

Qumran is now available on Amazon.

Where fake news began

George Orwell and his epic novel 1984 are making a comeback. His character Winston Smith existed in a world where freedom and privacy have disappeared. Some think this is happening today. His colleague H. G. Wells wrote War of the Worlds and because of that we can thank Wells for introducing us to ‘fake news,’ [...]

What we owe the Iroquois

Happy New Year and I hope 2017 will be good to you – better than it’s been for me so far. I began the year with my left forearm in a cast due to a broken wrist sustained in mid-December and it ain’t fun, especially when you need two hands to type, never mind negotiating [...]

Where novels come from

Where in the world do writers get all their ideas? Well that’s just it. The world. And beyond. Sometimes dreams play a part. Stephen King got the idea for Misery after he fell asleep on an airplane. He dreamt about a woman who held this author prisoner. She killed him, skinned him, fed his remains [...]

I admit to poking the bear

As a writer I like to poke the bear and in my case it’s the historical bear. For example, Americans think of baseball as their game and there is no bigger name in the sport than Babe Ruth. Ruth hitting his first pro home run in Canada may rub some the wrong way. But Ruth [...]

Appearance on Daytime Toronto on Wednesday, March 2

I will be a guest on the show Daytime Toronto with host Val Cole on Rogers Cable TV on Wednesday, March 2 to discuss my books, especially the novel The Last Witness, and the situation with young people not knowing history. Daytime Toronto airs at 10 a.m., 3 p.m. and midnight.