Photo.Jerry AmernicJerry Amernic is an author of fiction and non-fiction books. In doing his research for The Last Witness, he interviewed such people as noted Holocaust historian Sir Martin Gilbert, and met with real-life survivors who were children when they were liberated in 1945. Read More


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History is so we don’t forget

An Englishman of some renown once wrote this in a book: “It is unquestionably an advantage that the East African negro should develop a taste for civilized attire. In no more useful and innocent direction could his wants be multiplied and his desires excited, and it is by this process of assimilation that his life… Read More

The Fiction of Historical Hollywood

The extent of my religious training growing up was the film ‘The Ten Commandments,’ released in 1956 and starring Charlton Heston as Moses. According to my family, this was pretty well as it happened. I have seen it since and think it’s one of the worst movies ever made. While biblical history and ‘history’ aren’t… Read More

The time to write

The first thing of any length that I ever wrote was a play in university. It was performed by drama students before an audience and one of my friends asked if I had written it the night before. The night before? Well no, it took longer than that. Any writer will tell you the key… Read More

The Protectionism of Cultural Appropriation

When my mother died in 2009, I decided to honour her memory by sponsoring a child through an organization called Plan International. Letters and photos are exchanged, and it’s like the film About Schmidt. In the final scene the character played by Jack Nicholson bursts into tears upon receiving a letter from the little boy… Read More

Reading is bad for the eyes but …

When Jean Chretien was Prime Minister of Canada he once said something about the country’s founding in 1864, but Canada became a country in 1867. Every Canadian knows that. Right? Well, apparently not. By the same token U.S. President Donald Trump isn’t exactly up on American history. His interview the other day with The Washington… Read More