Photo.Jerry AmernicJerry Amernic is an author of fiction and non-fiction books. In doing his research for The Last Witness, he interviewed such people as noted Holocaust historian Sir Martin Gilbert, and met with real-life survivors who were children when they were liberated in 1945. Read More


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U. S. election more pulp than passion

The U.S. election is drawing more attention and scrutiny than any U.S. election in history. It’s like a badly written pulp novel that appeals to those who need instant gratification and entertainment but don’t want to think, and then goes on to sell 50 million copies. I find myself tuning in and just as quickly… Read More

On inspiration and irony

I don’t know what writers put on their wall for inspiration. Some go with motivational quotes while others opt for photos of majestic mountaintops and beaches. But for me it’s a 14 x 20, black-and-white print of Terry Fox. He was 19 when he lost his right leg to cancer and in 1980 he decided… Read More

General Robert E. Lee and the most likely to …

General Robert E. Lee and the most likely to … What if I told you Robert E. Lee went to the United States Military Academy – better known as West Point – in 1825 (which he did), finished second in his class (which he did), and upon graduation was voted by his peers as “the… Read More

Historical Writers of America

Next month I will take part, and present, at the inaugural conference of the Historical Writers of America. This is a new organization that represents writers who like to dabble in history, and that includes authors of both fiction and non-fiction books, as well as screen writers, journalists, bloggers, what have you. The conference is… Read More

Where novels come from

Where in the world do writers get all their ideas? Well that’s just it. The world. And beyond. Sometimes dreams play a part. Stephen King got the idea for Misery after he fell asleep on an airplane. He dreamt about a woman who held this author prisoner. She killed him, skinned him, fed his remains… Read More