Photo.Jerry AmernicJerry Amernic is an author of fiction and non-fiction books. In doing his research for The Last Witness, he interviewed such people as noted Holocaust historian Sir Martin Gilbert, and met with real-life survivors who were children when they were liberated in 1945. Read More


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What we owe the Iroquois

Happy New Year and I hope 2017 will be good to you – better than it’s been for me so far. I began the year with my left forearm in a cast due to a broken wrist sustained in mid-December and it ain’t fun, especially when you need two hands to type, never mind negotiating… Read More

Wages with garnish

The other day I was in the car when a radio ad came on saying how government can “garnish your wages.” I immediately did a double-take and wondered how one’s salary might be adorned with a side helping of parsley, broccoli or hot spice. But lo and behold when I checked the dictionary for ‘garnish’… Read More

Taurus a load of bull?

I’m no fan of astrology. My birthday is April 20 which makes me a Taurus and means I share it with such people as actress Jessica Lange, Carmen Electra who isn’t really an actress, and oh yes, Adolf Hitler. Indeed, when I was a kid and April 20 came along, I always wondered about these… Read More

U. S. election more pulp than passion

The U.S. election is drawing more attention and scrutiny than any U.S. election in history. It’s like a badly written pulp novel that appeals to those who need instant gratification and entertainment but don’t want to think, and then goes on to sell 50 million copies. I find myself tuning in and just as quickly… Read More

On inspiration and irony

I don’t know what writers put on their wall for inspiration. Some go with motivational quotes while others opt for photos of majestic mountaintops and beaches. But for me it’s a 14 x 20, black-and-white print of Terry Fox. He was 19 when he lost his right leg to cancer and in 1980 he decided… Read More